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We love "Wrigley"! He is such an amazing horse. Thank you Kinvarra Farm and Brampton Hills for making my dreams come true!!

-Liz Hayward

Little Paul

Thank you Kinvarra Farm for help me find and develop Little Paul into the perfect horse for me. I couldn't ask for a better partner!  

-Alexis Ortiz


I bought "Bentley" with the help of Kinvarra Farm, site unseen. My Trainer Ryan, picked him out of 40 horses and said he would be perfect for me. He has been everything and more the sky is the limit for us.

-Madison Tegtman

Harlem Shake

"Harvey" has been such a great horse for us. I have successfully competed in the Children's Hunters and all the 3' equation. He is such a great addition to our family!

-Emmy Dolin


I love this horse!! He is my perfect little elephant. He is so sweet and wonderful. Thank you Kinvarra Farm for bringing him into my life.

-Maeve O'Sullivan

Sanibelle Z

I am so happy with my baby Sanibelle! Thank you Kinvarra Farm and Aliboo Farm for making this happen!

-Megan Thomas



I am so happy "Dina" has come into my life. She is the horse I always dreamed about!! Thank you Kinvarra Farm!!

                            -Tiffany Dybas



Splash is an amazing addition to our farm! She is such a great horse to start our beginner riders.Love her! 

-Margert Clayton

Brownland's Coffeebean


Coffeebean is the perfect pony for Ziggy. We are so excited that he is part of our family. Thank you Kinvarra and Stonewall Ponies for making this happen!

-Ziggy and Family

HJ Britany B


BB is so amazing! She has given me so much confidence jumping and in the ring! Thanks Kinvarra Farm!

-Ben Thomas


Lago di Garda

Thank you Ryan and Janet @KinvarraFarm for helping me find my perfect Jr. Jumper. I am having so much fun and learning so much from this horse!!! I love him!

-Emily Britton


Poetic is my horse of a lifetime! In the little time we have had together he has made all my dreams come true and help me create more. Thank you Ryan and Janet for helping me with this special horse!

-Melissa Williams

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